Year: 2013

Learning Spanish

Learning  Find here a wide selection of language learning materials, from bilingual children’s stories to tongue twisters, word comparisons and facts about various dialects. Enjoy! Learning French We have created a diverse collection of pages for French language learners, from

Vargas Llosa llama a defender la lengua española

Vargas Llosa llama a defender la lengua española PANAMÁ (AP) — La lengua española se fortalece cada vez más y es una de las más dinámicas del mundo, pero ello conlleva una responsabilidad, expresó el domingo Mario Vargas Llosa al

How to become more fluent in Spanish

Diós mio!!!!  How will I ever learn Spanish? Try to spend at least one hour per day learning Spanish.  Mix it up- 15 minutes in the morning watching TV, online 20 minutes at some point during the day, talk to

Learn to Speak Spanish? Here’s the Best Way

In today’s fast-paced and evolving world, education is more important than  ever. Rapid communication, fast, cheap transport and the trend toward  globalization have increased the need to speak more than one language. For most North Americans the obvious second language

How to Make Spanish Language Immersion Work for You

Just Dive In: How to Make Spanish Language Immersion Work for You Intercultural skills and experience abroad are no longer an added bonus on your resume in today’s job market. They are often a requirement.  In most industries, employers are now looking for

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SPANISH….Study Hard, Go Abroad, Socialize Even Harder

SPANISH….Study Hard, Go Abroad, Socialize Even Harder. Here are the Cliff notes so that hopefully some readers will take away a more realistic idea of the transition from beginner to conversational Spanish. It should not be a mysterious, gradual process.

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Online Resources for Learning Spanish

Become a Spanish Immersion Lounge Fans on Facebook! Listening activities through the University of Texas is one of the best resources available, providing videos of native speakers talking about various topics, ranging to talking about a typical day to more

Diploma de Español

What is the Diploma de español como lengua extranjera (DELE)? The Diploma de español como lengua extranjera (DELE) is the standard of Spanish competency tests, offered two to three times a year through the Cervantes Institute at testing sites in

The Native Speaker Debate

Who’s the best teacher?  The native speaker debate. While teaching English in Dominican Republic, I was surprised about the number of students who were excited about having a native English-speaking teacher.  At the same time, it was interesting how little

Palabras Favoritas en Español

Trabalenguas: literally “tongue obstacle” or tonguetwister.  A few examples: Tres tristes tigres trigan trigo en un trigal Mi mamá me mima mucho Paracaídas, paraguas, rompecabezas or any other compound word: The fall stopper (parachute), water stopper (umbrella), or head breaker