Month: June 2013

Online Resources for Learning Spanish

Become a Spanish Immersion Lounge Fans on Facebook! Listening activities through the University of Texas is one of the best resources available, providing videos of native speakers talking about various topics, ranging to talking about a typical day to more

Diploma de Español

What is the Diploma de español como lengua extranjera (DELE)? The Diploma de español como lengua extranjera (DELE) is the standard of Spanish competency tests, offered two to three times a year through the Cervantes Institute at testing sites in

The Native Speaker Debate

Who’s the best teacher?  The native speaker debate. While teaching English in Dominican Republic, I was surprised about the number of students who were excited about having a native English-speaking teacher.  At the same time, it was interesting how little

Palabras Favoritas en Español

Trabalenguas: literally “tongue obstacle” or tonguetwister.  A few examples: Tres tristes tigres trigan trigo en un trigal Mi mamá me mima mucho Paracaídas, paraguas, rompecabezas or any other compound word: The fall stopper (parachute), water stopper (umbrella), or head breaker

Tips for Learning Spanish Language

  Get Rocket Spanish – Other Top Line Spanish Learning Courses – Cheap Rocket Spanish Download – Easy Way to Learn Spanish Learn to Speak Spanish – Here Are Some Strategies for Learning Fast Speak Spanish? First Language English? Want