Month: August 2016

Spanish Travel Helper – Learn Spanish

Spanish Phrases English Spanish Pronunciation The Simple Stuff Yes Si SEE No No NOH Please Por favor Pore fah-VORE Thank you Gracias GRAH-see-ahs You’re Welcome De nada De-NAW-da No, thank you No, gracias No GRAH-see-ahs Sorry Lo siento Loh see-EHN-toh

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Nicaragua – Learn Spanish + Travel

…..Language immersion remains a tried-and-true method to learn Spanish quickly. Nicaragua – Learn Spanish + Travel Take your vacation to the next level! Spend 2 weeks lounging on the beach and zip-lining through lush rainforest, and end your trip with

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Spanish True Immersion Program

Short of finding a Spanish-speaking partner to live with, the next most effective method of learning spanish is to enroll in a true immersion program. There are many excellent ones. Most programs not only provide an immersion in the language,

Vacationing in the Dominican Republic with SIL

We just came from vacationing in the Dominican Republic and it was fantastic!!  it ‘s our second tour of the year with a group, we did Mallorca in May , 2016. The Dominican Republic shares the island of Hispaniola with

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