Month: March 2017

The Cheapest University in Canada (II)

Do you speak French/are you willing to learn in French? The University of Ottawa offers local Canadian tuition to international students who attend the university in French. This does not apply to students who attend the university in English. In

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The cheapest university in Canada

Lets face it Canada is no longer a cheap for study but if you guys are still looking for bargains . This is from the most recent list of affordable Colleges & Universities in Canada. Doing research we came up

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Study in Canada

Canada provides academic qualifications respected around the world. Students can experience a unique multicultural environment in a safe and beautiful country. More than 200,000 top international students and researchers choose to study in Canada each year. Canada’s universities are among

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Spanish Language Tours

There’s no better way to experience a different culture than to learn the language. Our Spanish Language Tours combine language immersion with cultural interaction, sightseeing, and relaxation in great Spanish destinations. You’ll come home with wonderful memories and new language

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Nicaragua An attractive Investment Destination for Real Estate

Incredible Nicaragua Real Estate and Property It doesn’t demand much imagination to realize where the Nicaragua real estate market is headed. The real estate boom in Nicaragua is similar to what took place in Costa Rica in the 1980s, where

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Move To Nicaragua

Move To Nicaragua The thought of moving to Nicaragua may seem absolutely crazy to many people. However, thousands of foreigners have already made the decision of moving to Nicaragua and now call this Central American gem home. Why? They are

“Learn English + Work Experience in Canada

We have “Learn English + Work Experience” programs in the following cities in Canada: Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, Whistler.   IMPORTANT: these kind of programs (Language study + work in Canada), that require a work coop visa, had ended

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Study and work experience in Canada

Do you want to have a study and work experience in Canada as well? Set yourself apart from your peers by participating in our Education programs and gain not only valuable, professional experience in a vibrant Canadian city, but also build your international network,

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Homestay: Living with an Canadian Family

Each year, thousands of Canadian families open their homes and hearts to visitors from all over the world. In a homestay, students can observe, learn and experience a new lifestyle and culture, while practicing English skills in a home environment.

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Canadian Study Programs with a Homestay Option: French

When you’re ready to plan your immersion class, first decide what you’d like to get out of it. Are you looking to explore the french culture of Canada as well? If so, you might like to pick a program in

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