3 Top Spanish-Speaking Travel Destinations

Spanish-speaking travel destinations vary from the extreme to the exquisite, the famous to the infamous. Perhaps you want to scale a mountain or maybe you desire the star treatment at a luxury resort. Maybe you want to spot celebrities on the Riviera, or perhaps you just want some time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Think about what you love in your vacations and then check out these 3 top Spanish-speaking destinations suited to match your travel personality.

Check out the spot for your travel personality:

The Archaeologist
The Fine Arts Lover
The Cosmopolitan
The Celebrity Gawker
The Recluse
The Outdoorsman
The Rum Connoisseur
The Deep Sea Adventurer
The Party Animal
The Deep Sea Adventurer: Blue Fields,  Corn Island Nicaragua
For those who like diving, beware…you may never want to leave Blue Fields and corn island!  There are daily flights to Corn Island and the big boats run infrequently. Corn Island and Little Corn Island are beautiful Caribbean islands and have great swimming and snorkeling. English is spoken on the islands but it can be hard to understand at first. The biggest festival on the islands is Crab Soup Day, which is in August, and celebrates the freeing of the slaves by the British in 1841.

One of the biggest social attractions in Bluefields is the month long festival in May called “Palo de Mayo”. This takes place all month but the high point of the festival is in the third week of May. It is a combination of Creole and English customs with local music, dancing, and general merry making. In past years it had not been celebrated very much but new interest in the traditional music and dancing has revived this tradition and it is well worth the time to visit and participate in this festival. Another festival that got its start in the early 1920s is the festival of San Jeronimo.

The lagoon is not ideal for swimming because it is a bay that is fed by the one major river and several smaller streams though you will see the locals swimming there. It is quite muddy but it is a good place for the fish to breed. Take a panga to El Bluff and walk to one of the beaches on the Caribbean side if you wish to swim. Other points of interest around Bluefields are trips to Pearl Lagoon and Pearl Cays. Boats leave every morning for Laguna de Perlas, which is about one hour north of Bluefields and additional trips can be planned to the many indigenous villages on Pearl Lagoon. The trip up to Pearl Lagoon is worth the trip alone. You travel across the bay and then follow the river up to the next lagoon. The jungle closes in on you several places and you also get to see as many of the local homes that are next to the river as well as people traveling on the river.

Two other major activities are fishing and the casinos for those that love to gamble

The Rum Connoisseur:  Santiago, Dominican Republic
If you are the type of person that can smell Rum when thinking about the Caribbeans while sitting at your desk at work in December, then you must travel to Santiago, DR. Wait, you haven’t heard of it? Santiago is less touristy than Puerto Plata or la Romana but if you think this city is inferior in quality, then you thought wrong. This is the home of the Brugal,  Barcelos and Bermudez family and their historic distillery which produces Brugal authentic Dominican  Rum (Bacardi and Captain Morgans are not distilled in the DR). You can take a tour of their former mansion, soak in the Brugal and Barcelo family story, and drink Bermudez imperial all around the city (evidently, this is the only Rum DR carries). Remember, when you’re lounging on the beach sipping on some Barcelo Imperial or Brugal 18888, do not put it down. The many different types of exotic birds that fly around the pristine beaches are known to snatch things from patrons!
The Party Animal: Majorca, islas Baleares, Spain
After a day of strolling around historic Palma de Majorca, looking at Spanish architecture and feigning happiness in touristy pictures, all you want to do is go out. You’re in luck because Palma is one of the greatest nightlife cities in all of European . The nightlife doesn’t start until after 12AM so make sure to start your night at the myriad of bars and cafes before hitting the clubs. Keep away from the touristy Ibiza and  and head over to The plaza People or nice neighborhood. Best hotel is Amic Hotel  If you partied too hard the other night and just want to listen to music and lounge, there are so many places for you to go! The music club scene is eclectic in this city, offering daily shows in all music styles including jazz, blues, classical and, of course, flamenco.

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