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Consider Learning Spanish

Learning Spanish There are numerous reasons why people consider learning Spanish. They may want to learn Spanish to satisfy a language requirement in school, as a form of self-improvement, to live abroad in a Spanish speaking country or just to

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The Business Spanish course

The Business Spanish course is intended to help professionals with an intermediate Spanish level (or higher) gain the skills, confidence and vocabulary needed to successfully carry out business in Spanish. Students will practice business Spanish through a wide range of

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Spanish isn’t a foreign language anymore!

We’ve read the arguments for learning French, but let’s be honest: Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, or any other language with growing global importance would be a better choice. Spanish may be the best choice of all for a second language,

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Spanish for business professionals

Nowadays companies work on global platforms, so communication is key to gaining an edge and retaining new markets. We focus on effective communication in business situations both for formal meetings and for field work. Spanish lessons can be taken where

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Spoken Spanish

Two Easy Things That Will Help You Comprehend Spanish Fast One of the secrets to fully learning Spanish is being able to comprehend the spoken language. It is also one of the most difficult things to do. When you are

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Made to Measure Immersion Spanish Course

A private made to measure immersion  Spanish  course with  Spanish Immersion to learn  Spanish  in 1 week is very intensive and as efficient. For an optimal result your commitment is of course necessary too. For this 1 week only free yourself as

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Learning Spanish in 1 single week? Yes, you can!

Learning Spanish in 1 single week? Yes, you can!   From the start we speaks Spanish with you. That’s necessary and sufficient to get your brain to switch to creative dissatisfaction mode. As you are an higher educated you know by

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Spanish Courses – The Language Lounge

Learning Spanish in just 1 single week : Immersion Spanish course, 5, 7 or 9 day efficient intensive private made to measure language courses for the higher educated.       1 week. If Italian, Portuguese or any other Latin  language is your mother tongue, you

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