Guardianship & Homestays

For those wanting to study in Canada we offer Guardianship and homestays.



 Homestay allows international students and visitors to experience first hand Canadian living

Our host families are carefully screened and selected to ensure the best possible fit, depending on your interests and individual homestay requirements.

Students living in a homestay environment find the overall educational and travel experience is enhanced through daily conversation and involvement with their host families. Homestay provides an environment that is safe and caring and your homestay family will help you to adjust to your new experience while in Canada.

Details on Basic Homestay Accommodation

Basic homestay accommodation includes the following:

  • Full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) or half board (breakfast and dinner only) options;
  • Private bedroom with closet and student desk;
  • Access to high speed internet (student must supply own laptop & accessories);
  • Use of telephone (long distance charges not included); and
  • Use of in-house laundry facilities.

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Basic homestay is our most popular option. Each year our staff place hundreds of individuals into homestays that offer basic homestay services. These homes are clean, comfortable and safe and our host families are friendly and helpful.

SIL homestay services offers students a private room in a family home with daily breakfast and dinner. The cost for adults (18+ years of age) is:

$850 CAN for the first four weeks
$200 CAN for each additional week
$40 CAN for each additional day

The cost of homestay service for students under 18 years of age is:

$950 CAN for the first four weeks
$225 CAN for each additional week
$40 CAN for each additional day

*Please note that homestay fees do not include internet. Arrangements for payment and usage of internet must be made directly with the homestay family. The family reserves the right to limit usage.

All families have been carefully selected and are visited regularly to ensure quality service. You will receive the name, address, and telephone number of the host family about two weeks before your departure. Flight information should be confirmed as early as possible or, at the latest, two weeks prior to arrival.

Homestay fees should be sent at least two weeks before the starting date of the course. The payment for the first four weeks of homestay is non-refundable. Students are free to change their accommodation after the first month. However, they must give at least three weeks notice to the host family if they decide to change their family or move to an apartment.

Private Bathroom Add-ons

Basic homestay can be enhanced by adding a Private Bathroom enhancement for an additional fee. This enhancement ensures that a student will have exclusive use of their own bathroom within the assigned homestay. Although this enhancement is not always available during peak seasons, we have many families who are able to provide this addition to further enhance your homestay experience.