Made to Measure Immersion Spanish Course

A private made to measure immersion  Spanish  course with  Spanish Immersion

to learn  Spanish  in 1 week is very intensive and as efficient.

For an optimal result your commitment is of course necessary too. For this 1 week only free yourself as much as possible – totally would be most efficient – from any contact with any other language but  Spanish.

Be aware you need 2 to 3 hours a day extra to review, study, reread and integrate what you learned that day.

You’re learning to speak and think in  Spanish about what you’re involved in.  As a result you may even start dreaming in  Spanish. But most important you discover how learn to speak  Spanish without that time-consuming detour of translation causing you to be only halfway, when your partner already finished his or her sentence ;-).

Learning  Spanish this way breaks, lunches and diners are extra opportunities (3 to 4 hours a day!) speaking and sharing in  Spanish with us and your diner partners from local social and cultural life.


In this made to measure immersion  Spanish course    you’re not only learning  Spanish language, you’re learning  Spanish ways of live, attitudes, ways of thinking and feeling, from inside, through relaxed conversation about people and society in regions like Spain,  Spanish speaking Caribbean and Latin America, you learn about  Central America and  South American culture and society, about our values, topics, differences, about our concerns and the ways we are. During this intensive private full immersion  Spanish course, you learn more than our language.


You learn our social grammar too: our customs, habits and social rules. That’s even necessary if you really want to understand, manage efficiently native  Spanish speaking people or get involved more personally with the locals, your  Spanish speaking colleagues, friends and neighbors, your partner and his or her family. Learning  Spanish  in 1 week.


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