International Internship Programs-Dominican Republic



The Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD) ‘s internship programs offers graduate students the opportunity to work at local and nongovermental organizations (NGOs) or public or private institutions in the areas of health and education.

Students spend two to six months, for an average of 35-40 hours per week engaged in the design, research and implementation of proposed programs. During this time, each student works on a research or educational project ( or an aspect of a project), thus gaining rich field experience.

While in the country, every student works closely with a host mentor. Experience UASD faculty advisors coordinate the intership by meetings weekly with participants to make sure the program fulfills students’s academic requirements.

In addition, the program gives students the opportunity to gain life experience and understanding of the culture, history and social aspects of the Dominican Republic through close contact with Dominicans during the intership, university and home stay.


  • Accomadations management (coordination of housing with local host families or apart hotels)
  • Assistance before and through the internship.
  • Airport transfers
  • Orientation sessions on culture and everyday life in the Dominican Republic
  • Tour in and around the city
  • Conferences on the history, society, economy, and culture of the Dominican Republic
  • Visits to museums and other cultural and historic sites in the Dominican Republic
  • General monitoring and assesment of the internship


The student must:

  • Be engaged in a graduate program at the time of the applicaton and also during the internship
  • Have a good command of Spanish
  • Be submitted by the home university


The program may included home stay with a local host family, carefully selected and with extensive prior experience or accomadation in an apart-hotel.


All participants are required to submit a project report about their internship activities. Am evaluation of the performance of the intern by the Supervisor at the host institution and the faculty advisor will be sent to the home institution for validation purposes. Upon successful completion of the intership, interns received a certificate


The Dominican Republic is the ideal location for students who want to pursue an international internship, one of the most exciting and effective ways to gain experience in their fields and imporve their Spanish Language skills, while immersiong themsel es in a friendly and welcoming culture.

Participans are placed in challenging internship at a local or international organization , where students hace the opportunity to enhace their professional careers and develop global awareness as they acquire real-life professional experience while enjoying the natural tropical beauty and vibrant culture of this Caribbean country.

On weekends or after work hours, interns may engage in cultural events explore the city , or take day or weekend trips out of town.


The Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD) , the first university in American and hte only public university in the Dominican Republic, was founded on October 28, 1538 under the Papal Bull ‘ Apostolatus Culmine” of Pope Paul III .

The UASD offers undergraduate degrees in approximately 116 fields of study through its 9 faculties: science, Humanites, Law and Political Science, Health Sciences, Enginering and Architecture, Agronomy and Veterinary Science, Economic and Social Science, Arts and Education. Through these aforementioned faculties, the UASD also offers graduate programs ( post-graduate courses, Master’s degree and Ph.D.s)

At present, the UASD has a a student population of approximately 180,000 undergraduate students, with approximately 100.000 students  attending its main campus, in Santo Domingo and the rest at the 16 Regional Centers throught the country. For more info please , use the Form below to contact us

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