Latinos in Canadian Politics


Alejandra has worked hard to build a home and raise a family in a community she loves. She lives in the ward near Dufferin and St. Clair and is proud of the life she has made for herself and her family here. Like so many of us, Alejandra has struggled and overcome challenges, but she has always kept fighting to make our community better.

Alejandra knows first-hand what it’s like for so many people in our community, parents, grandparents, seniors and young people, fighting to do the best they can for their families. People in our community are working one, two, and even three jobs and still struggle to pay the bills. Too many are struggling to find any work at all.

I know that when people in our community come together we can accomplish amazing things. I have seen it time and again on projects I’ve worked on with many of you to improve our neighborhoods.

This campaign is about our community and I hope you will share some of your time to help make it a success.

–Alejandra Bravo

Campaigns are about community building. Over the coming months, we’ll be connecting with Ward 17 residents at their doors, at community events, and on the street. We need your help to do it. Whether it’s by volunteering to come and canvass and talk to voters, by taking a lawn sign to show your support, or making a financial contribution, every bit counts.


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