Learning Spanish in 1 single week? Yes, you can!

Learning Spanish in 1 single week? Yes, you can!


From the start we speaks Spanish with you. That’s necessary and sufficient to get your brain to switch to creative dissatisfaction mode. As you are an higher educated you know by experience that giving in to creative dissatisfaction mode your brain (you) without voluntary interfering (that’s contra-productive!) starts discovering links to context, relationships, structures, differences, … and starts guessing, grasping and ends up understanding.

As you’re sharing about what you are interested in, on topics you know, you learn as much Spanish in 1 week as during a full year of weekly Spanish classes or group teaching!

This way of learning Spanish relies on innate natural learning processes and sensorimotor coordination.

That’s what explains why and how you’re able to learn Spanish in 1 week.

 A 5, 7 or 9 day client centered private immersion Spanish course with us is necessary and sufficient to learn Spanish in 1 week.



1 Week one to one teaching with us an experienced native speaker private Spanish teacher about topics you are interested in turns learning Spanish back into a fascinating experience and rediscovery of your natural innate learning processes.

You learn to understand and speak Spanish fluently through ongoing conversation on things you care about, rediscovering the natural creative mode your brain discovers and learns. That way of learning Spanish – or any other language – is natural and most efficient.

Learning that way isn’t scholastic boring. Vocabulary, grammar, Spanish  syntax, …, are no goals anymore but tools allowing you to understand and speak another language, to exchange about your interests and even a different way of being in the world to discover.

During such an private immersion Spanish course your get intensive personal coaching, your pace and learning style are appreciated, conversation topics are your topics.

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Spanish Learning Aids

Spanish Immersion  offers a selection of learning materials including books, cards, CDs, DVDs and videos that have been highly recommended by people who have succeeded in learning Spanish. We also have a list of  proven and effective books that focus on everyday Spanish, business Spanish and travel Spanish.  Check here

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