Living in Latin America

Latin America has seen increasing number of foreign visitors in recent years on the back of increased promotion of the region, expanding economies and improved safety, with many visitors coming to Latin America for business and/or travel and then deciding to stay. In turn this has resulted in increased numbers of foreigners entering the real estate market, either through property purchases and/or renting.

Local markets are still adjusting to this new phenomenon, with many still remaining difficult with respect to rentals to foreigners and/or newly established foreign owned companies being able to rent commercial, industrial and/or residential properties; often in Latin America the requirements for rentals is excessive, requiring guarantors and a long history of documents that simply foreigners are unable to provide. On this basis, SIL  was established in Canada to fill this need, and thereby helping foreigners with end to end relocation services to Latin America and subsequent real estate services that are reliable, economic and tailored.

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