Mas de 20 mundos en Espanol : Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world

Is Spanish Language widely spoken? Or should I go for French?

The Spanish Language  is spoken by more people in the world than either English or French. That includes 30 million Americans – not immigrants, or children of immigrants, but now includes US-born Americans – that’s 10% of the population. It may also surprise people like JujaB and Garrett to learn that the USA is not the centre of the universe or even the only country where Spanish is spoken.

Spanish is the first language of most of South America, the whole of Central America, and much of the Caribbean (well the three biggest island of it), as well as one of the largest and most important countries in Europe (Spain); it is also the official language of a small number of countries in Africa. French is the first language of only 3 countries in Europe – France, Monaco and Luxembourg, and a minority language in Switzerland and Belgium. It is the official language of several (certainly not the majority) countries in Africa (English is spoken in more African countries than French) and in many of those countries the majority of the population do not actually speak the language.

The person who said that “French is more widely spoken” must live in New Orleans or Montréal and never travelled further afield!! And someone’s argument that Spanish would be no good to you because you would learn “pure Spanish”, which real people do not speak is absolute arrogant rubbish! Anyone who has learnt to speak Spanish well in school would have no difficulty conversing with any native Spanish speaker anywhere in the world in relatively short time. That is more than can be said for English or French, whose varieties are far less mutually intelligible than those of Spanish.

Want to learn a language? then go for Spanish immersion. Anybody who said that it is no easier than French is right – but it’s also certainly no more difficult and it’s far easier to pronounce than French is. And those people who make excuses for you not to learn Spanish because they are – like many Americans – simply prejudiced against Spanish and Spanish-speakers should just shut up! Spanish will be far more useful and relevant to you in the USA and other places, want to do business in China o Latin America?

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