Palabras Favoritas en Español

  • Trabalenguas: literally “tongue obstacle” or tonguetwister.  A few examples: Tres tristes tigres trigan trigo en un trigal Mi mamá me mima mucho
  • Paracaídas, paraguas, rompecabezas or any other compound word: The fall stopper (parachute), water stopper (umbrella), or head breaker (puzzle).
  • Esposas: wives or handcuffs.  Seem machista?  In English we have the old ball and chain…
  • Tranquilo (chill/mellow) does a great job of describing all types of things.
  • Estrenar, tutear are nice concise verbs, to use or show something for the first time (estrenar) and to use the familiar tú form (tutear).
  • Ojo: this is a great gesture (pointing to your eye) or verbal warning to watch out.
  • Pega: snag, as in Hay una pega
  • Perezoso: the adjective for lazy or the name of a lazy animal: sloth.
  • Pantuflas: a regional word for slippers.
  • Anything that ends in -ito: I love the variety of words the suffix -ito can be added to: ahorita, momentito, despacito, tontito, etc.

¿Cuáles son tus palabritas favoritas?