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Learning Spanish in just 1 single week : Immersion Spanish course,

5, 7 or 9 day efficient intensive private made to measure language courses for the higher educated.  


1 week. If Italian, Portuguese or any other Latin  language is your mother tongue, you don’t need more to learn Spanish.

A 5, 7 or 9 day immersion crash course, according to what proficiency level you already have or want to get, suffices.

Starting from scratch you may get up to level A2 on the European Language Proficiency Scale in 5 to 7 days or even B1 in just 1 weekend more. Immersion Spanish course? You almost only (but not exclusively, that’s not efficient) hear, read and talk Spanish that week. Looks tough. Is though the first hours. Then you discover how this is amazingly efficient. Our approach to learning languages by immersion is a most efficient intensive dialogue and client centered method focusing on learning to speak Spanish. To speak fluently (the right words, correct sentences, good pronunciation) about those topics you are interested in. Starting to think in Spanish about things you like, want or need to talk and share about with your colleagues, neighbors, friends, partner, in-laws, … . Your and their work, hobbies, interests, ideas, goals, experience, … . External link on recent research on language learning relevant to Our approach of learning Spanish. You get the Spanish vocabulary and proficiency you are looking for, learning at your pace, as fast and efficiently as you can … .   After only 1 week full immersion Spanish course with our method you’re able to understand, speak and communicate fluently in Spanish.  

Anni is fluent in Spanish – her mother tongue – French, German and English, she learned.   But since these are full immersion Spanish courses English is rarely used, only when it would help you to learn Spanish faster. you will be learning Spanish, speaking Spanish from the beginning, being able to communicate inSpanish at basic level from your first day on.   Anni studied sociology, social psychology, organizational development and languages at  UASD University (DR),She’s also an external lecturer on ‘language acquisition and learning processes’ at school of continuing studies in Mexico and DR. 


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