Spanish in RD

Have you ever thought about immersing yourself in Spanish language and culture? Would you like to learn Spanish in Dominican Republic? We have a unique experience for you: Unconventional Spanish Lessons. Combine them with Skype Spanish Lessons for a complete and personalized learning program.

Spanish in Dominican Republic

We teach you Spanish wherever you want in Dominican Republic!

We have created a special language immersion program in Dominican Republic called “the Unconventional Spanish Course”. Each course is designed according to interests, preferences and dreams of each student. It is much different than a traditional Spanish Immersion Program: it is learning Spanish according to one’s level and needs while discovering Dominican Republic and doing what you enjoy the most.

Do you like cooking?

Spanish Lounge will design a course to learn Spanish and the best of Dominican and Latin American cuisine. Throughout every lesson, student language skills will be stimulated at every moment in order to practice and improve while cooking with a chef from the capital city.

Combine it with the Skype Lessons!

There is also the possibility to combine our courses, for instance: SSL (before coming to Dominican Republic) + USC (in Dominican Republic)

Are you in Dominican Republic and in need of an Intensive Spanish Course with a personal tutor?Spanish Lounge has classrooms available in the best facilities in Dominican Republic.

In-company Spanish courses in Dominican Republic

Is your company in Dominican Republic? Do you need your staff to speak Spanish? Do they need to learn Spanish right away?

Spanish Lounge offers in-company courses. Employees can begin to learn Spanish from their current location outside DR thanks to our SL. Once they are in Dominican Republic, they can continue with SL –the best way to maximize time and effort- or our in-company lessons.

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If you are interested, write to us to hola  to get started!