Spanish Language Lounge


SIL’s Spanish Language Lounge is a community for: Spanish language learners, all levels People who love traveling to Latin America or daydreaming about their first trip! foodies who want to try out Spanish recipes and learn more about Latin American cooking homeschoolers who want to infuse some Dominican culture into their curriculum, including Hispaniola History and language instruction Spanishphones (people who s are native Spanish speakers) Spanishphiles (people who admire Latin America(DR), its people or its culture)




Anni Letargem

Language and Cultural Immersion Program Consultant




This division  was founded by Mrs.  Letargem, a Dominican Republic  native, who has many years of teaching experience and has traveled extensively throughout the world. I started SIL’s Language Cafe to share my loves of cooking, travel and languages. A little about me: By profession, I am a Modern-Language and Translator Professional , giving me a strong background in linguistics and an interest into how languages are acquired.  All  other  instructors are native Spanish speakers, have College education and have received extensive training in the Conversational Spanish by SIL method.

•We have successfully managed a number of high-profile visits by overseas delegations to DR.  • Learn a bit about the Dominican Republic Community in Canada.

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