Studying and living in an Spanish Speaking Country

For anyone who has tried or is trying to learn Spanish, you know it can be frustrating and difficult at times. It can seem like a slow process, and sometimes you feel like you will never understand it. The best way to speed up your learning and increase your understanding of Spanish is to study in an Spanish speaking country. Whether you want to study Spanish for academic purposes, business or travel, studying in an Spanish speaking country is the ideal option. Here are just a few of the benefits that studying Spanish in an Spanish speaking country can bring.

Using Spanish daily

When studying and living in an Spanish speaking country, you will find yourself in everyday situations where you have to speak and understand Spanish. Sometimes, understanding native speakers can be one of the biggest challenges of learning a new language, but interacting with Spanish speakers daily will help with this. With plenty of practice, your Spanish will improve in no time! You will also encounter new situations which can be daunting at first, but you will rapidly learn new vocabulary to get you through!

Get inspired

Studying Spanish at home can become a chore, and it can be difficult to find the inspiration to practise outside the classroom. When living and studying in an Spanish speaking country, it’s easy to find inspiration all around you. Practising your Spanish will make it much easier to get around, buy food and ask for directions. Even making mistakes around native speakers will help to inspire you to learn more!

Cultural learning

Learning a new language isn’t just about learning new words – it’s also about learning cultures and the way language is used. Studying Spanish in an Spanish speaking country gives students a chance to experience the culture of the country, and learn about things like food, work and celebrations.

Make new friends!

One of the great things about studying Spanish in an Spanish speaking country is that it gives you a great opportunity to make new friends. Not only will this help you experience the culture, go out and have a great time, it will also help your Spanish! Making Spanish-speaking friends will help teach you the less formal parts of the Spanish language. Learning these parts is important for becoming fluent in the language, and can only be learnt from native speakers.

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