The cheapest university in Canada

Lets face it Canada is no longer a cheap for study but if you guys are still looking for bargains . This is from the most recent list of affordable Colleges & Universities in Canada. Doing research we came up with that it is Brandon University in Manitoba which is $6,471.00-$8,000  now for international students.

Eastern universities in Canada are often cheaper than their western counterparts. By east, I mean east of Ontario and Québec. As far as I know, the University of Prince Edward Island is the second cheapest university in Canada for anglophone international students.

Another option many international students often forget about are colleges. You can complete a degree at a college, and it will be cheaper than if you complete it at a university.

Options include combining a degree and diploma programme e.g.
Two years at St. Lawrence College studying Computer Programmer Analyst and when you finish, going to Bishops’s University in Québec and completed your final two years to get a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computer Science: Computer Programmer Analyst
Once again, this is about $8000/year for the two years at St. Lawrence, then it gets up to the usual $20000/year for the last two years at Bishops

Seneca College offers a full degree: Bachelor of Technology – Software Development Degree and it is about $12000/year for international students

Nunavut Arctic College is pretty cheap: Computer Systems Technician
$3500/semester (see page 16 for tuition fees: Page on
once you complete the diploma, you can then transfer and complete two years at a university to get the degree, which saves you a lot of money

 Changing course of study?
The universities with the cheapest tuition for international students are often focused on liberal arts. Some key examples are:

Saint Paul University: Université Saint-Paul
Tuition is $12000/year if you are international. If you study in French, it is cut down to $6000/year

St Thomas University: St Thomas University, Canada
Tuition is $12000/year

but these dont offer computer science, engineering or software design courses as they are specific towards the liberal arts.


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