Upcoming Events for the month of Sept

At certain times of the year it seems you can’t move for festivals in Toronto. At other times you wonder where everyone is, it’s so quiet (tip: they’ve all gone off to their holiday cottages). But whatever month it is, there will always be something going on, and taking part in one or more of the festivities is a good way to get a feel for the city.

It’s certainly true that because the summer is short, locals make the most of it, filling the calendar with large- and small-scale events from Victoria Day (late May) through Labour Day (September). The biggies of the summer include Pride in late June and Caribana in late July, when the downtown core comes alive. But the rest of the year isn’t neglected: autumn and winter play host to many indoor pursuits.

Below we review our favourites, but it pays to keep an eye out in the local press too, or go online (for a range of useful websites, see below). It’s also wise to book hotels well in advance of any major events, such as the renowned Toronto International Film Festival.

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