Ways to move to Canada Legally

It’s not the 60s anymore. Our sports leagues may play in “national” leagues, but you can’t just move up to Canada.

Here’s what you can do as a tourist, the benefits of NAFTA, and all the options for going to Canada for longer than just a vacation.

Can you move to Canada? Take this quiz to find out if any of the immigration programs can work for you.
Immigration FAQs Have questions? Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.
A quick primer for would-be expats There are a lot of things to think about before moving to another country.
All the ways to move to Canada, legally There are tons of ways to move to Canada. Here’s an overview of the different options from temporary to permanently.
Retire in Canada The bad news is that there are no immigration programs that would allow you to simply move to Canada after you retire but there are a few options if you’re able to plan ahead.
Marrying a Canadian Marriage doesn’t automatically get you a Canadian passport, but it can get you a permanent resident card.
Family Class Being related to a Canadian doesn’t necessarily mean you can immigrate, but it might.
Studying in Canada You’re never too old to go back to school.
Become an entrepreneur in Canada If you have capital and experience, you can become a business owner in Canada
Move your start-up to Canada Canada is actively seeking promising entrepreneurs to help grow the economy.
Work exchange with International Experience Canada Want to try out working in Canada for a few months or a year? Under 30 or 35? Here’s how to make it happen.
Moving to Quebec Quebec is part of Canada, sort of, but they have their own immigration system.
The definitive guide to Express Entry If you have skills the Canadian government is looking for, you can become a permanent resident of Canada within a year through Express Entry if you qualify through one of these immigration programs:
How to improve your Express Entry score These 9 ways will bump up your CSR points without breaking the rules.
Federal Skilled Workers Program You’ll probably qualify if you’re under 35, have an advanced degree, and 2+ years of professional experience.
Canadian Experience Class A good option i if you’ve legally worked in Canada for at least a year in a professional role.
Provincial Nominee Program Each area of Canada has its own criteria it uses to determine who to invite into that province.
Federal Skilled Trades Class Tailored for those with a background in a skilled trade with a job offer in Canada or a professional certificate from a Canadian institution.
Document checklist What sort of paperwork should you have ready before you apply for Express Entry?