Why do want to Learn Spanish?

Tell us why you want or need   to learn Spanish…

Each of us come to this site with our own and personal motivations and goals. These are what seed our initial enthusiasm and if tended to with respect and care will take root and provide the support for a whole new and expanded life.  Yours?   Last year many students of Spanish have shared their thoughts about why they want to learn Spanish. We are opening again our page this year 2013  to those who are coming again and want to share with us. So here we are…and we are listening:

Let’s begin by dispelling some myths. You may have been told that Spanish is the easiest language to learn, or that it can be learned in 20 easy lessons, or in 30 days of immersion.   You may have been told that since you’re not a child anymore, that it’s too late for you. You may have been told that the only way to learn it, is to live in a Spanish speaking country.   None of these claims are true. The truth is, that you can learn Spanish, regardless of your age, and regardless of where you live, and because of what it will cost you in dedication, time, effort and personal demon slaying – will be one of the more satisfying, victorious accomplishments of your life.

First Things First

What Level Are You?

Spanish Immersion Lounge uses the recognized “Common European Framework of Reference: Learning, Teaching, Assessment” method to identify and track fluency. We like it for the same reason it is gaining popularity worldwide. It provides a real-life, practical measure of communication abilities.

If You Are a Beginner

… we will get you speaking and understanding at a basic level immediately by arming you with a firm foundation. You will learn a new song; pronunciation. You will learn how to identify the players, and what they’re doing, when they’re doing it, where, and why. Your vocabulary will grow naturally as you source the specific words that you need to communicate what’s real for you. Your life will be the language lab, and as a result, you’ll internalize a new way to express yourself.

If You Are an Intermediate

… we know that you’ve got the basics, and that now, that just isn’t enough. Now, you are looking for a way to communicate what specifically happened, between whom, and what you think about it or what you would have done yourself. All of that will require your appreciation of the intricacies of Spanish Language structure. Upon your firm foundation, we will help you learn how to express your very personal point of view.

If You Are an Advanced

… you want to not only understanding the nuances of what you’re hearing, but also able to contribute in like form. You want to be able to appreciate the differences in culture from one country to the next which will require your ability to flex from accent to cadence, to points of reference, to tradition. You’d like there to be nothing you couldn’t accomplish in Spanish if you had to.

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